About us

The success at school, at university or during professional life, requires to master one or more foreign languages.
Which, one day was not denied access to a new position because of his shortcomings in English, German or Spanish ?
Learning starts early and often linguistical trip enables to brush up or to strenghthen his skills and knowledges
Our programmes are dedicated to teenagers because, the earlier they learn a language the better it is.
It is always much more easier to master a language when you start very young.
Programmes are also dedicated to students who need to improve their language level before starting studies at university or before attending an engineering school
LinguEtude offers a wide range of stays where everyone can find what suits him and combine the useful with the pleasant, through the practice of a sporting or cultural activities. .
Linguetude with 15 years of experience in the field of tourism, school trips and linguistical trips, has an excellent collaboration with colleges abroad who are all accredited and recognized for their excellent quality stays both in terms of teaching and infrastructure.
Our families are selected by local Director who choose families.
All the families have to respect a quality Charter as sense of hospitality, communication, sharing of family life.
The same is true for visits to the teacher's home, which regularly welcome young people and adults from all over the world and give them private lessons. All the teachers hold a University degree.
The linguistic stay is a gateway to the world .
It is also a source of personal fulfillment. It allows us to be more open-minded, to discover other cultures, other ways of life. You have to keep in mind that we are all different and that no way of life can’t be judged. It promotes tolerance towards other people.  It is an unforgettable human experience. Who doesn’t remember his first linguistical trip?
LinguEtude also wishes that your children, grandchildren or yourself if you don’t know this rewarding experience yet that you would keep your experience in mind.
We are located in Rouen , historic city, capital of Normandy and strategic place as it is only 1 hour from Paris.
All our customers are individuals and they have been trusting us for a long time. 
We consider that a linguistical trip requires preparation, that a participant is unique and that not all our programs are suitable for all types of profiles
that ‘s why, our team is at your disposal to advise you is the choice of a program.

Language learning is our passion and we want you to share it.

Our greatest success is your stay.