Séjour One to One chez le professeur

One to one


One to One is a programme which gives you the opportunity to live and study in your private teacher’s home. It is the most efficient programme whatever the language you decide to learn. (English, German, French Arabic, Czech, Finnish….).

We offer full immersion programme in your private teacher’s home in 20 languages and over 30 countries all over the world.
You stay in a family in full board accommodation. The teacher provides you 15 – 20 or 25 lessons per week. You enjoy 3 meals a day, so you can keep using the language you learn during all you stay as you share the daily life of the family. You never need to speak your own language.

Moreover, visits, social contacts you have with the family or their friends will be in the language you study.
All these contacts will give you the opportunity to improve your language.
Isolated from your own language, you will not have choice to speak nothing but the language you learn!


Who is concerned by this programme ?

You can start this program from 8 years old. You can leave in a country whatever your age, you can be pupil, student, young adult or senior, this program is for you.!
You can live this experience whatever your level in the language you want to study or to improve. You can choose this program for a first stay abroad. The most important is the desire to improve your language and to discover another way of life. It is really a great experience you will never forget!
Your teacher will just ask you to be involved in private tuition and in family’ life.
You are here to discover a new way of life, so be open-minded and tolerant .


These programs are also dedicated to professional who have a job and need to improve their language to apply for a new position in their firm or a new job. .

Why choose this programme ?

The most common criticism of language schools is that students speak their own language outside the classroom.
During tuition, they hide behind their friend or at the back of the class and will not speak the slightest word of the language studied if they are not eager to do it.This problem is eliminated with One to One programme.

Teaching is conducted in the language of the country by a native speaker. Courses are private and you are the only one student in the class.
Lessons are totally personalized for you, so your teacher will focus on what you need: Grammar, written or spoken language on different topics you need.
As you are the only one, you are not afraid of the other student’s sight.
You feel more self-confident as nobody judge you on your level. 
Teachers teaches all levels from beginner to highly advanced and they accept all aged from 8 to 80 years old.

We can arrange specialized vocabulary with technical terms in different areas such as Business, Finance, Medicine, Tourism, Architecture, Law, Engineering, Computing Banking and so and so on …
Teachers have got knowledge in different subjects even if they are not actual doctors, Lawyers or engineers.  

We provide as well tuition for senior from 50 years old who wish to feel at ease in a language they used to study.

How do we select our families ?

Families are selected by a local Director who visits them regularly and make sure that they are in a position to welcome students regarding comfort, cleanliness, hospitality and the most important: Good Morality!
All the family are inspected
Families are carefully selected to match your needs and we try to provide a teacher with similar background to your own.
It is always easier to talk when you have common topics like cooking, sport, sciences, music …It is the reason why we ask you to fill the application form with your desire hobbies, allergies, and fears (dogs or cats…).
We give much more importance in the choice of the family profil, rather than the geographic location – unless you really ask for a geographic area.

We have a wide range of family profiles who will match with yours.

During this experience it is very important to keep in mind that habits and costums can be different from yours and some of them can be surprising for someone who is not used to.

Before leaving, you will know the family name and lots of details regarding her habits and tastes. One week before your departure, you will be able to get in touch with her, either by phone or by email.
Regarding evolution of society, family means mother and father but can also be a single mother or a single father. It can be father and mother without children. .


A wide range of programmes all the year.

All programmes are from Sunday to Sunday, throughout the year.
Length of the program can be 1 – 2 -3 – weeks or more. Feel free to contact us for a quotation.


Two to One :

One to One can become Two to One . You can choose to share your course and must come with another student who has the same language level as yours. This student will have to choose the same dates and the same programme. You have to choose your own friend. Linguetude will not provide you a student. You share tuition, activities (if applicable) and the bedroom. This programme offers you 15 % discount.